Powering the Future of Genomics Data

Healthcare systems need data from all kinds of people, particularly genomic data. Next generation sequencing is bringing personalized medicine into the clinical realm. As an innovator in the industry, ATGENOMIX prides itself on accelerating precision medicine and helping overwhelmed clinicians deal with the challenges of data deluge in genomics. We are a team of genomic data scientists with a single-minded focus on driving innovative bioinformatics in genomic medicine.

Our mission is to manage genomic data and build a reliable Bio-IT platform where clinicians can quickly and accurately unlock complex genomic insights. Genomic medicine is never easy and requires multi-disciplinary fields. We believe that life science and data science are better together. We manage the heavy lifting that data engineering requires so that you can focus on insight interpretation.


The Team

Yao Ting Wang

Yao Ting Wang, Ph.D.

Founding Partner and Chairman

Allen Chang

Ming Tai (Allen) Chang

Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Chung-Tsai Su

Chung Tsai Su, Ph.D.

Cofounder and Chief Data Science Officer

Dr. Jason Wang

C. Jason Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

Board Director

Dr. Bill Chang, Ph.D.

Bill Chang, Ph.D.

Board Director

Dr. Gary Shaw

Gary M. Shaw, Ph.D.


Yun Lung Li

Yun Lung Li

Sr. Staff Scientist

Sid Weng

Sid Weng

Sr. Staff Engineer




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