Dr. Chung-Tsai Su

Chung Tsai Su, Ph.D.

Cofounder and Chief Data Science Officer

Chung Tsai manages the product technology development and data science research at ATGENOMIX. He brings over ten years of experience in developing big data analysis pipelines and leading software R&D teams in both start-ups and large organizations. Prior to founding ATGENOMIX, he led a data science team at Trend Micro, Inc. and developed a Giraph-based relaxed biclique enumeration algorithm to identify Internet threats, distributed suffix tree clustering algorithm to detect emerging spam, incremental multi-class SVM to classify different types of malware, and anomaly detection algorithm on HBase to cluster unknown threats and cybercriminal behaviors. Chung Tsai was granted 5 US patents and has published 7 scientific papers in the fields of Internet security and bioinformatics. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University (NTU). He was also a postdoctoral scholar in Bioinformatics at NTU.