Dr. Bob Chien

Jung Ting (Bob) Chien, Ph.D.


Dr. Chien serves as board of advisors at ATGENOMIX as well as Bioinformatics/data science staff scientist at a global biotech firm. Dr. Chien has extensive knowledge of A.I., machine learning, bioinformatics, biotechnology, and clinical diagnostic technology. Prior to current roles, Dr. Chien founded a sequencing service company and then joined Bayer AG to develop a machine learning based biologics product screening method. Dr. Chien is a board of advisors for start-up companies and SlingHealth start-up incubator as well as a board member of Formosa Enterprise Institute and Bay Area Taiwanese Biotechnology Association. Dr. Chien received his Ph.D. in computer science and M.S. in data science from Emory University and his B.S. in medical technology from China Medical University, Taiwan.