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Product Preview

The data transformation platform for next-generation genomic data analysis on ILLUMINA and 10X GENOMICS


Reduce false positive and false negative in your existing resequencing analysis by eliminating mapping error and bias with assembly-to-assembly alignment.

Advanced Analytics

Detect highly accurate known and novel structural variants, and discover previously inaccessible genomic information with unrivaled data mining algorithm and de facto methodology.


Allow optimal haplotype assembly from long-range sequence data for phasing analysis of disease-causing mutations.


Transform to scalable big-format and de facto FASTQ format compatible with the existing bioinformatics tools while featuring storage reduction.

Higher ROI

Increase the return on investment in your analysis projects by taking full advantages of NGS and reanalyzing your existing sequencing data.

And More

Drive complexity out of short-read processing to streamline new pipeline development; a wide variety of molecular diagnostic utilities can become available or more effective.


How It Works

38X Whole Genome 150PE Turnaround in Less Than A Day

Assemble whole reads into long range contiguous sequences from scratch by read overlaps, read pairs, and read barcodes.

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Parallel suffix-array based error detection by identifying statistically under-represented suffixes of all length and correction by the multiple manifestations of an error.


Fast string graph-based overlap-layout-consensus method by identifying longest irreducible overlaps among reads 13X speedup over existing implementations.

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Large-scale graph-processing based unitig extension by merging pairs of overlapped consensus sequences with read pair information.


Advanced graphical model based clustering of the contiguous sequences by coalescing around the barcode indexes of reads into long-range haplotype contigs.


It’s not just about the product. It’s about the entire experience and advancement of genomic medicine.
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