Dr. YC Cheng

Yun Chian Cheng, Ph.D.


Yun Chian is a creative, innovative data scientist and has professional passion in solving computational problems. Yun Chian was the senior software architect in Trend Micro; he led several engineering teams in developing Hadoop-based bipartite graph cliques to identify community networks of Internet sites, offset sequence automata to detect similar web contents, document clustering techniques to detect unsolicited emails in real time, and Support Vector Machine to classify email spams.  Prior to that Yun Chian was a researcher in AT&T Bell Lab using expert system OPS83 and graph algorithm for near-optimal multi-point private network design problem and Karmakar's interior point algorithm to solve the huge set covering problem for private network echo canceler placement problem.  Yun Chian holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison.