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Operationalizing biomedical data, analytics, and machine learning

We manage the heavy lifting that data engineering requires, so that you can focus on your data, algorithms, and workflows. Use your own pipeline tools, take full control of your workflows, and implement Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) standards without worrying about computing complexities and production compatibility.


Build your own fully-managed precision medicine production with Atgenomix.

Cloud-native biomedical informatics platform

Atgenomix SeqsLab is a cloud-native biomedical informatics (BioMed IT) platform that empowers biotech R&D and clinical laboratories to design, develop, and operate industry standard, orchestrated, and multimodal workflow automation of biomedical data, analytics, and machine learning.


Tool registry service

Version control, configuration, reproducibility

Data repository service

Findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable

Ecosystem integration service

CLI, SDK, RESTful application programming interface

Genomics in healthcare service

FHIR compatible, computable representation of phenotypic data

Workflow execution service

Infrastructures, resources, processes

Machine learning service

Making biomedical ML scalable and operatable

Regulatory compliance

ISO27001, ISO27018, IEC62304, FDA/MDCG cybersecurity guidance, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.


One platform for all your biomedical workloads

Empower your clinical laboratories with a data and cloud platform where you can design, develop, and operate fully-managed biomedical data analysis workflows using standard workflow description language, automated workflows, and computing resource management capabilities.


The Atgenomix BioMed IT platform offers an integrated solution stack of cloud services and software components for data integration, tool engineering, analysis automation, workload acceleration, regulatory compliance management, and more.


Atgenomix provides solutions for accelerating precision medicine.

Scale your clinical diagnostics portfolio globally with bring-your-own-design (BYOD) pipelines for cancer panels, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), whole exome/genome analysis, and more.


Build once and deploy anywhere.

Build large-scale multi-omics databases linking phenotype and genotype details to enable investigators to study more complete models of disease.


Accelerate your research with the applications of machine learning.

Create your own cloud biomedical software solutions with a low-code platform, automated bioinformatics framework, and intrinsic regulatory compliance.


Release new products at record-breaking speed.


19 August 2022

Atgenomix is Now an HL7 Gold Member

As a Gold Member in Health Level Seven International (HL7), Atgenomix supports the HL7 objective to create a suite of standard-based technologies for streamlining sophisticated data management and computational analysis of biomedical and multi-omics information.

2021 International Smart Medical Forum 


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