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Medtech R&D Informatics

Enhance current applications and workflows to enable a more scalable way to operate everything in the cloud.

As technology continues to advance all facets of health care, software has become an important part of all products, integrated widely into digital platforms that serve both medical and non-medical purposes. 

 - FDA

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The Medtech industry is struggling with a common set of technical challenges that are impeding the R&D ability to drive research and push through new products faster at a lower cost. Facilitating research transformation and product innovation requires a new informatics platform that accelerates the development process and improves productivity while reducing traditional programming efforts and the dependency on high technical skills.


Atgenomix provides Medtech R&D with an enterprise-grade informatics platform that democratizes access to best-in-class technology tools and frameworks via a fully integrated cloud-native computing environment.


The Atgenomix platform enables researchers and IT professionals to rapidly develop and validate application solutions at a faster pace without worrying about the complexity of underlying infrastructure.

Our platform not only helps with the development of software, whether used as a medical device or with a medical device, but also with quick deployment and compliance with certifications wherever needed without any additional effort on your end.

Extensive capabilities and features of the Atgenomix platform technology

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