Built for biotechnology and clinical laboratories

Our enterprise cloud-native BioMed-IT platform is specifically built for biotechnology and clinical laboratory industries. 

From code to cure

Biomedical analysis workflows mix tasks and models together and entangle them with tight dependency on external datasets. Since changing anything changes everything, the increasing complexity of workflows results in the erosion of boundaries, making workload optimization and pipeline improvement impossible. Bioinformatics code is only a small fraction of real-world biomedical analysis workflow systems. Workload and dataset dependencies cost more than code dependencies at many orders of magnitude.


The Atgenomix platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provides the required surrounding infrastructure and accelerated bioinformatics framework for all your biomedical workloads throughout the lifecycle of building a fully managed precision medicine operation.


Data analysis without boundaries

Standardize your own workflows from genome, multi-omics, to all biomedical data analyses without boundaries.

Use the industry best-practice, human-readable and -writable OpenWDL to design and analyze entire dataset processing workflows without regard to their vast and complex infrastructure technology. The description language makes it straightforward to specify command/SQL/ML tasks, glue them together in directed data flows, and optimize their cost-efficient execution.

Digital Work

Workload acceleration at scale and speed

Optimize performance for all steps in a workflow production system including version control, data integration, verification, deployment, and runtime management.


Leverage a set of GA4GH industry standards and in-memory parallel computing to develop and automate workflows in production reliably and efficiently. The technology makes it simple to connect to a variety of data workload dependencies using common practices and to process workload acceleration at scale and speed.


Operationalization made simpler

Turning central labs into decentralized profit centers is as simple as deciding on where to grow your portfolio of analysis services.

Operate your biomedical software as a service with enterprise-grade regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and resource management. The IT infrastructure automation enables workflow systems that are predictable, reproducible, and auditable while ensuring code, data, and execution integrity.


Access your data and workflows, and learn about the latest from Atgenomix and the industry from a central location

Manage your datasets using standardized data repository system that provides provides an integrated interface

Execute pipelines using the WDL syntax on a more efficient, cost-effective, and bespoke solution for analyzing biobank-scale data

Build on an HL7-compliant suite of standard-based technologies